The Raffle
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About: Quilt 4 Cancer was developed with the idea that money could be raised for Cancer Research with little overhead by using the internet; secure electronic payment handling, database management and server side scripting to run a raffle and determine a winner. This method will allow us all to be winners as the funds raised in this way will help us to achieve our goal, "To cure Cancer in our lifetime."

Method: We are asking that people purchase a Raffle ticket to win the beautiful quilt. The ticket sales are handled through a secure gateway. The names and addresses and the number will be retained in a database on a secure server, no credit card information will be kept. People will be asked to print their receipt which will have their number for the raffle and serve as a receipt for taxes. The winner will be notified and arrangements made to deliver the quilt.

To Help: The first thing we will need to assure success is publicity. Everyone can help here by:

       1. If you have website, link to us and send us the URL of the link and we will include your site in the list of friends of Quilt4Cancer with a link back (if your site is suitable for all viewers, we will not link to sites we consider to be objectionable to a wide variety of viewers). We have banners to use for linking or use a text link if a banner does not suit your site.

       2. Mention us to friends and relations. Write about us if you are involved in the media.

       3. Join us in this important work and make our goal, "To cure Cancer in our lifetime" one of your goals.






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