Our mission is "to eliminate the tragedies of cancer in our life time. " We understand that great advances have been made in cancer treatment over the past several decades but that a lot still needs to be done. Cancer causes more deaths in the United States and Canada than any other disease and causes tragedies and heartbreak in too many people's lives. Statistics are, generally, not easy to put into perspective when working with numbers in the hundreds of thousands, but if all the cancer deaths occurring in the United States, in the past year, were some how assigned to the residents of Vermont or North Dakota, the population of those states would cease to exist in that year.  This is a major problem, out weighing deaths caused by traffic accidents, heart disease, and natural disasters. Cancer does not discriminate against anyone for any reason. It is an equal opportunity disease regardless of age, gender, color, national origin, religion or sexual orientation.

To further our mission we will:  

1. Raise Money. Identify the cancer research centers that are doing cutting edge research, that have the same goal as we do, "to find a cure," and to support them financially helping them achieve their objectives.



2. Identify Pathways to our Goal. Fight this battle at every level. In the community, in the nation and worldwide. We understand that there are many ways to achieve our goal and we encourage creativity in determining how it will best fit in any particular area or region.



3. Educate Children. Work to help young people to understand that smoking is a very dangerous activity. The best way to deal with this activity is never to start. Although it may seem harmless at first, the longer you do it the more difficult it is to quit.


  4. Raise Awareness and Develop Channels of Communication. Raise the public consciousness about the importance of fighting cancer and highlighting the positive growth steps through traditional publicity and creative use of the Internet, until we can finally announce that a cure has been found.  
  " If the number of annual deaths determines the formidability of an enemy, we at quilt4cancer.org, believe that cancer is # 1.  


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