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     For this project to be a success, it will take the participation of many thousands of people. The larger the number of people who join us in our effort, the quicker success will come. There are many ways to help and all are important.

    We also ask for comments and suggestions, that will strengthen and improve our work. We are sure there are some ways to help that have escaped our notice. We welcome your suggestions. Mail suggestions to

    Contact your Friends

We all can begin by contacting our friends. This can be done by telephone, email or snail mail. You can direct them to our site so they can see for themselves, what we are doing, how we are doing it and why. We have below 3 separate email messages you can cut and paste to send to friends and relations, that will give them a sense of what we are doing and contain a link to our website.

Pleases feel free to copy and paste these messages into your emails.

We have a few small phrases that support our idea, with a link to our site, that can be cut and pasted into your emails as part of your signature.


Cut and Paste Email Messages

I recently discovered a project that, I think, deserves your attention. There is a small group of people from Vermont who have begun a project called "Quilt 4 Cancer", the pupose of this project is "to eliminate the tragedies of Cancer in our lifetime". They are sure that if enough of us participate, we can and will defeat Cancer. Their website is .

Hello _____,
I am writting to share an important new project that could use your help. This project is called Quilt4 Cancer and is working to eliminate Cancer in our lifetime by recruiting thousands of people to work and support this important project. Their website is and there is a great deal of information about how we all can help defeat this terrible disease.

Have you heard of "Quilt4Cancer"? It looks like something that deserves our help and support. You can find them at

Signature Lines

Find out about - eliminating the tragedies of Cancer in our lifetime.

Checkout - working to cure cancer in our lifetime.

I support - a grassroots effort to cure Cancer in our lifetime.


Banners to link from other sites

Below is a collection of banners to link from other sites, choose a banner and the code to link the banner can be copied from the code beneath the banner.

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