Quilt 4 Cancer, working to Eliminate the tragedies of Cancer in your lifetime.





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     This Years Work

  We are about to begin our 13th raffle and feel encouraged as more and more people are beginning to support us and this iimportant work.

    Our goals are twofold; to raise money to help in this effort to defeat cancer and to raise peoples awareness about cancer.


How we Began

Frank Halden lost his wife Hallie-Jo in April of 2003 and decided that he needed to do something to end the suffering Hallie-Jo and he went through and that he saw many other families going through.

     Frank wanted to see curing Cancer go on the front burner and he began to map out a strategy to raise money and awareness. This project began to take shape in his mind and developed into Quilt4 Cancer. Quilt4Cancer is a 501-c3 not for profit organization. All donations are tax deductible.

     The idea was to raise money and awareness and Frank decided to use what he knew. He had been taught by Hallie-Jo to sew and tie quilts. Frank, also knew that a large portion of the money being raised by Cancer organizations goes to administration and not to research. He decided he would build a quilt and sell chances online to raise money and awareness. This new way of using the internet and his Quilt-making gift from Hallie-Jo would help him to raise money with very little administative cost and almost all the money going to research.

     Frank began to talk to people he knew about the project, often citing statistics, to show people how important this work is. The statistics and the honest simplicity of Frank's project made so much sense that people and tools began to fall into place.

      Join us, to defeat this grave and difficult advisary, buy a ticket or two and encourage your friends to support us.

    With your help we will defeat Cancer in our lifetime!







The 12th Annual Winner is-
Phil McCarthy
San Antonio, TX

Thanks to everyone who contributed~!

Last years donation went to the Lamoille Area Cancer Network.

A check being presented to the Norris Cotton Cancer Center















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